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It's that time again. I'm finishing another story, which is both an incredibly happy and sad moment for me.
Now that TCM is just about over, I was wondering....

What was YOUR favorite moment from the series?

Comment below, maybe I'll do something special for the winning scene.
Theme: ~Make you own cover for TCM~


Entries Rules

- At least one of the main cast members (Ari, Mabel, Kira, Fen, Rikus, Isis, Altus, Cloud Makers)

- Mild violence is permitted, but not excessive gore or nudity

- Color is encouraged but not required

- Must include the title TCM Logo by LivingAliveCreator (you may draw it traditionally)

- Entries can be digital or traditional mediums

- *We must have at least 10 entries for the judging to take place, any less and the participants who've entered will not be scored

- SUBMIT TO THE CONTEST FOLDER WHEN YOU'RE FINISHED!! cloud-maker-comic.deviantart.c…

(Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your elimination from the contest.)



- 1st place --> The TCM bonus comic, 'Legacy', free of charge (not available on DA) livingalivecreator.deviantart.… , 300 points, a single character commission drawn by me, and a feature on my daily comic page.
:party::party:WINNER - :iconfalconarte: with this entry Cloud Maker Cover Contest by FalconArte


- 2nd place --> 200 points, a feature on my daily comic page.
WINNER - :iconstartoucher: with this entry Guilt - TCM Cover Contest by Startoucher


- 3rd place --> 50 points.
WINNER - :iconavis-praeclara: with this entry The Cloud Maker Cover by Avis-Praeclara


Congrats winners!! :hug:

The entirety of Vol 9 was just uploaded to my Patreon.
You can view it now with only a $5 or more pledge.

Serious thanks you to the people already supporting me.
I finally did it, I made a Patreon account!

I'm really getting desperate for money, I'm not gonna lie. I need some kind of support for TCM, SHIFT, and my other projects or I'm going to have to stop releasing pages every day.
If you like my story, it'd really mean the world to me if you pledge some support for my work on Patreon. If can be as small as $1 a month, and each pledge comes with cool rewards like requests, bonus comics, early page release, video tutorials and much more!

As much as I love having this story online for free, it is a reader supported project. Pretty soon I'm going to start moving back to one page every few days, until I can make a little more money. I really hope I can continue to submit online regularly, but without an income it's going to get pretty hard.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and support. Love you guys! :heart:


COMMISSION PRICES --> livingalivecreator.deviantart.…
Follow The Cloud Maker on Tapastic!

I update it in chunks as opposed to one page a day if you like that better. I usually submit 7-8 pages once a week.

Thanks! I love you all! :heart:

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